Ripple Effect 

“The compounded unintended benefit of people acting in good will. Increasing the quality of life for community, charitable causes, and agents everywhere.”

Imagine the effect that one act of good can have in someone else? Now imagine if that someone else inspired by you decided to spread that kindness? Now imagine that sentiment spreading to hundreds, thousands of people. There we will have a ripple effect of love, kindness, and the urge of helping others. Doing good for goodness sake.  

In a business perspective what would the value be of creating a ripple effect of good in the world? The volunteer hours are the most valuable thing. Think of this, one hour of work is about $12 per hour. What about 10,000 hours of volunteering? Multiply that by one month, times 12 months? Plus those who volunteer are statistically more likely to donate and participate in other events. What is the value of that? Adding the volunteer hours plus the events plus the donations and then what is the residual effect? What is the value of community that is built?  What is the value of the increased quality of life for the realtor that has had the opportunity to work inside something that gives them purpose? What is the value of the client who is now able to connect to something greater? The value beyond monetary, is limitless.

When I started to understand how much the value of the ripple effect really was, no longer wildfire ranch was my mission. I understood this was way bigger than that or than me. And it's only because I asked, I raised my hands to God and said “Hey listen what do I do? Should I go this direction or this other direction? I don't know what to do? Direction A seems easy, I know what to do, I know how to build shopping centers. Direction B? I know nothing about that, what do I know about building a network? I’m still figuring out, but the opportunity to help others is much greater. That was it, I took this path. The path of creating a ripple effect of good. 

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The unintended benefit of massive charitable action