Our Logo

Growing up I generally remember being happy, kinda like harry potter under the stairs. But, no books, I didn't have much, I didn't get to go to school, I was locked in a room for a year. I had a typewriter, pencil paper, waste basket, and a fold out chair bed thing, and that's it. Nothing else, truly. I would play with paper airplanes and then crush them and play basketball with the waste basket. I remember singing “Jesus loves me, and Jesus loves the little children, red, yellow, back, and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world” and that kept me happy for the most part.

For our logo I wanted to capture the essence of two images. There is a Picasso painting of people that are all different colors holding hands and flowers in between, dancing around the peace dove and that image for some reason struck me. There is another image of people holding hands around the world, and if you look at them they are very similar. 

When I was having the designer do it, I told him my story and I showed him the reference pictures and this is what we came up with. Our logo represents all the people of the world, all different colors, all different shapes and sizes, it's everyone. We added the light at the end because we wanted to be a beacon of light for people, like a lighthouse.


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