Founder's Story

"I founded C.A.R.E. Network Realty as a result of a deeply painful and personal journey that started when I was three years old.

I experienced being homeless, neglected, and abandoned by my mother who struggled with addiction.
When I was seven, I was kidnapped and locked in a room by a person that wanted to keep me isolated from the outside world and away from school.
As I escaped, I arrived at my guardianship court hearing in hope of finding somewhere better to live.
I would soon realize that no one was coming to pick me up. And I was a ward of the state...

Growing up I did not just endure, but I survived more than twelve years of failed adoptions, temporary stays in 46 foster homes, and shelters. It was a very difficult time not being able to find a place to call home. It was a time that led to years of unrest and anxiety.

Things would change at the age of 16 as I came to Good Will-Hinckley, a children's home for boys and girls.
For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by loving and Christian role-models and I finally found some safety and security. My entire outlook on life began to change and I began to understand that I had control of my life. I discovered and developed the foundation for being a stable and successful individual.

After leaving Good Will-Hinckley, however,  I still went down a negative path in my early twenties and found myself yet again, at rock bottom. I decided to turn to the only place I felt safe, Good Will-Hinckley, and I established stronger relationships with my foster parents, Dan and Alissa.

After coming back, everything became much better. However, it was not long until Hinckley lost funding and had to close down, right in front of my eyes. It was tough, really tough because I understood better than most people the value that was lost as the farm had to shut down. I wanted to do something and felt helpless that I could not.
I knew from that point forward that my mission was to create sustainable funding for my own children's home and school. I'd call it the Wildfire Ranch. 

During my quest to build the Wildfire Ranch, I soon realized that the opportunity was much bigger than only the contributions generated by C.A.R.E Network Realty. It was clear that the impact was much larger because it was not only what we could do by supporting various causes by selling real estate. Instead, the real impact was the Ripple Effect of all our actions combined and the everlasting effects they would create.  
Like the numerous waves a small drop in a pond creates, the waves of goodwill would multiply tenfold with every new drop that we add, each time we do. The positive effects would compound exponentially larger than only our immediate actions. We have the opportunity to touch far more lives than what we first thought originally..."  

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