Q: What Does Our Logo Symbolize?

Here’s my explanation behind the inspiration for our C.A.R.E. Network logo.

“Red, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight.” 

Those were powerful words that I leaned on when I was a child—a 7-year-old locked in a room, all alone. It’s why those words now mean so much to us as an organization, and why they’re reflected in our logo. 

When deciding on a logo for C.A.R.E. Network Realty, there were a few images I knew I wanted to reference. The first was a picture by Picasso (0:30) displaying a dove with an olive branch in its beak (a renowned symbol of peace) surrounded by a circle of people of all different colors holding hands. There’s another picture that I found when I was a little bit older (0:41), and it depicts a circle of people holding hearts together around the earth. 

  The light represents the Light that will dispel darkness.

We knew these images should be the main inspiration in our logo, and that all the people of the world should be represented symbolically too. I supplied the two images and a short description to a designer who provided the wonderful ‘C’ you see today. However, in his original design, something was missing—a spark. Once we added the light at the top corner of the ‘C,’ the entire design was illuminated. 

Our logo reflects our mission to create a connection for all peoples of the world and to dispel darkness. It’s dearly important to us, and we hope that it’s important to you, too. 

As always, reach out by phone or email if ever you have any questions. We’d love to chat with you about the ways we can make your real estate dreams a reality.


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